Get your WAX On

Send and receive WAX tokens, manage your nifties (NFTs) and staking rewards, or interact with dApps and guild voting in this beautifully designed, yet powerful desktop wallet for WAX.

Amazing Features


Decentralized apps in finance, games, social & more

NFT Market

Buy, Sell, Create & Explore the WAX NFT market


Stake to vote for guilds and earn more WAX


Decentralized applications in finance, games, digital assets, social media & more.

NFT Marketplace

Buy, sell and explore non-fungible tokens (NFTs) using popular standards


Vote for guilds to secure the network & earn WAX voter rewards

Here’s what people are saying about WAX Desktop Wallet

Dallas Rushing
Co-founder, KARMA
"WAX Desktop Wallet is the easiest wallet to use that I’ve ever come across for the WAX blockchain"
Marlon Williams
Founder, ZenBlocks
"A dedicated wallet designed from the ground up to support WAX was sorely needed"
Meg Jays
Community Member
"The experience of using WDW is not only simple, it is really fun to interact with this wallet!"